Don A. Gabriel, MD, PhD

Don A. Gabriel, MD, PhD

Sr. Director, Medical Oncology & Scientific Strategy

Don A. Gabriel, MD, PhD, serves as consultant Sr. Director, Medical Oncology & Scientific Strategy. In this role, Dr. Gabriel directs UBC’s oncology program design and development. He is responsible for developing strategic and fully integrated pre- and post-marketing oncology programs for our manufacturer clients. He is adept at interpreting cutting-edge scientific findings and determining the potential impact of new clinical oncology research on medical thinking and practice. He uses scientific and clinical oncology data to formulate conceptual frameworks and disease management approaches.

Dr. Gabriel is a nationally recognized oncology hematologist in stem cell transplant for liquid tumors and selected solid tumors and has served as co- or principal investigator on nearly 40 studies. With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Gabriel has spent much of his career within the Division of Hematology and Department of Medicine at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC). At UNC, he served in various roles, including as Professor of Medicine, Associate Chief of Staff, Assistant Dean for Clinical Services, Acting Chief of Medical Oncology, and Service Chief Liaison of the Division of Hematology/Oncology.

Before pursuing a career in medicine, Dr. Gabriel began his graduate studies in biophysics. His interest in that area has continued, leading him to co-develop an optical laser-based technology used to identify and characterize suspended particles in the blood, including circulating tumors.

Dr. Gabriel completed an internal medicine residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Fellowship in Hematology at UNC. He is a recipient of the Lineberger Cancer Center Distinguished Achievement Award. He has published more than 200 research papers and abstracts and has presented numerous research papers at national and international forums.