Ed Vegso

Ed Vegso

Director, Business Development

Ed joined UBC in 2012 as Director of Business Development, focusing on commercial services for pharmaceutical manufacturers, including reimbursement HUBs, call centers, nursing services, REMS, and PAP programs. Ed uses his knowledge and expertise to support the full lifecycle of a drug, identifying opportunities to maximize sales growth and market share.

Ed has more than 20 years of pharmaceutical expertise in specialty channel alignment, market access, commercial operations, product marketing, and sales leadership and management.   His experience includes pre to post launch support for 11 branded products, including seven specialty products of various administration forms. 

In addition to business development experience, Ed has commercial operations expertise that includes design and implementation of a full reimbursement HUB program (reimbursement services, copay assistance, patient assistance programs) with processes reaching across multiple payer segments and IT initiatives.  In addition, he has worked on US and global projects to support physician and patient access programs.

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