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An effective REMS program improves patient access to medication.
Annette Stemhagen, DrPH, FISPE, Senior Vice President, Safety, Epidemiology, Registries & Risk Management - February 14, 2017
The EXL Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategy Summit, held at the end of January, was an opportunity for colleagues across the industry to discuss many topics related to REMS, including benefit-risk counseling between patients and...
Platform recruitment for clinical trials
Liz Allan, Senior Director, Patient and Physician Services - February 08, 2017
Competing studies can be a challenge when enrolling patients in clinical trials. But when those studies are conducted by one sponsor, the need to engage with a single patient population can quickly turn into an asset and huge savings...
Recruiting for Alzheimer's clinical trials
Lashell Robinson, Patient & Physician Services - January 24, 2017
In the United States alone, more than 5 million people over age 65 have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Today there is still no cure, but there is hope. More than 79 compounds are in clinical development for Alzheimer’s and...
Clinical Research is Heating Up in Miami
UBC - January 18, 2017
Industry leaders will gather next week in Miami to network and share new advancements within our field at CHI’s Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE).  UBC is slated to present on a variety of topics spanning enrollment...
Successfully Managing Outsourced Clinical Trials
Chris Rull, Vice President, Business Development & Account Management - January 17, 2017
To support successful operational delivery of clinical trials, end-to-end business processes including market price, budget, and forecasting must be clearly linked. Often these three entities are handled in silos, but to ensure you’re...