$1.3M in Synergies from Platform Recruitment

Platform recruitment for clinical trials

$1.3M in Synergies from Platform Recruitment

Competing studies can be a challenge when enrolling patients in clinical trials. But when those studies are conducted by one sponsor, the need to engage with a single patient population can quickly turn into an asset and huge savings.

UBC is currently supporting five studies for a cardiology product. While the studies have subtle differences, they all focus on the same patient population with an overlap of research sites. Managing multiple studies has allowed us to find a variety of synergies in the patient recruitment process. These added up to more than $1.3 million in savings for this client.

Here are some of the techniques we used to save time and money:

  • Streamlined and targeted promotion – UBC created one overarching campaign to promote the studies to potential participants. This included advertising, digital outreach, text messaging, a healthcare provider (HCP) referral program and a website with video information. As an Express Scripts company, we leveraged our access to patients who are part of the largest pharmacy benefit manager in the United States to send targeted direct mail.
  • Pre-qualifying for all studies at once using one call center – We developed one decision tree to qualify a patient for one of the five studies. This informed the online pre-screening tool and the single script used by our dedicated call center. Based on a patient’s answers, we can instantly route each one to a site for enrollment.
  • Focused site engagement – Our consultative approach to on-boarding and supporting each investigative site pays off with high-enrolling sites, but it’s a labor- and time-intensive process. Through this unique platform recruitment approach, we can spend this valuable time with each site once, rather than multiple times. This allows the studies to ramp up faster and focuses the resources needed by each investigative site.
  • Capitalizing on the overlap for the study materials – To minimize costs, we used complimentary layouts and identical material sizes, which saved design time and costs. Because we were targeting one group of patients, certain content could be written and used across all of the studies.

UBC’s Patient and Physician Services team builds a unique patient recruitment strategy for each study we support. Contact us to discuss how to reap the benefits of our platform recruitment approach for your studies.