2014 Year in Review

2014 Year in Review

It’s that time again. The cold weather has ushered itself upon us and before we know it, 2014 will have passed. As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be a good time to look back on some of UBC’s collective and individual accomplishments. Join us in reflecting on a successful year!

Supporting Rare Diseases at Partnerships in Clinical Trials and DIA

UBC brought a great cause to the year’s biggest stateside industry events. At both PCT and DIA’s 2014 U.S. conferences, we committed to raise funds for rare diseases. Every photo you took at our booths raised money for the National Organization for Rare Disorders. And when all was said and done, you helped us donate $25,000 to an important cause. Thank you to everyone who participated!

"100 REMS and Counting – Top Lessons Learned" Whitepaper

Although REMS implications may often be seen as roadblocks to product commercialization, our organization has a different outlook. With deliberate planning and foresight, REMS programs can actually achieve prescriber loyalty and success. In Dr. Annette Stemhagen’s recent whitepaper, she shares key lessons from supporting more than 100 REMS programs. You can still download it for free here.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Risk Management Plans in Europe

In our highest attended webinar of the year, Dr. Janine Collins, Senior Director, European Risk Management, shared current perspectives, methodologies, and challenges of the evaluation of risk minimisation programmes in Europe. In addition, Dr. Collins shared practical examples from her 13+ years of industry experience. The archived version of her complimentary webinar is still available for viewing here.

Industry-Leading PAP Keeps Focus on Patients

Personalized care from pharmacists and nurses greatly impacts the patient experience. And when serving those exploring and utilizing Patient Assistant Programs (PAP), that impact remains just as important. This spring, UBC shared our own PAP patient stories that perfectly capture the value a personal connection can bring. View the video here.

UBC Welcomes Our New Leadership

In the past few months, UBC has had the pleasure of welcoming some new leaders to our team. Nicole Hebbert was recently named the new Vice President of Commercial Services Operations. With more than 20 years of industry experience Nicole is equipped to develop and manage solutions that meet the needs of key stakeholders in patient care. 

We also welcomed Jeffrey D. Freid, MD, as Vice President of Medical and Research Services. Jeff will head UBC’s Global Pharmacovigilance services. He brings to the team more than two decades of industry experience focused primarily on clinical safety assessment and risk management of pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices. Jeff’s responsibilities at UBC include clinical, therapeutic and scientific guidance to meet client needs for new and existing products.

We hope you had an equally prosperous 2014 and we look forward to collaborating in the year ahead.

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