8 Reasons Employees Love UBC

8 Reasons Employees Love UBC

When you ask UBC employees why they love what they do, their answers speak to the heart of what makes UBC great. Here are the top 8 reasons why UBC employees come to work every day.

Developing life-saving medications
The clinical departments of UBC work on a variety of studies, many of which are for products that treat specialty or rare diseases. In 2013, this team helped 10 medications win approval by the FDA and EMA. While these teams may seem far removed from patients, they often have the chance to directly impact people’s lives.

Helping patients
Patients are at the center of all of our services. Whether that means walking a patient through an application for a Patient Assistance Program or providing clinical support to patients, UBC employees consistently go the extra mile.

Engaging with awesome coworkers
The culture at UBC cultivates close workgroups that eagerly share information, pitch in where needed and cheer other employees’ accomplishments.

Recognition from management
Recognizing top performers is a cornerstone at UBC. It allows us to attract and retain some of the top talent in the industry.

Development opportunities
UBC offers a range of personal and professional development opportunities that allow employees to further (or even change) their career.

Global opportunities
Locations across North America and Europe give UBC a global reach, which attracts employees from a variety of fields.

Working with industry experts
The leadership team at UBC is filled with experts in all areas of product development and commercialization. This allows our teams to collaborate with the top thought leaders in our industry.

Security from a Fortune-20 company
In many ways, UBC has the best of both worlds. It maintains the tight knit feel of a small company while benefiting from the stability and resources of a Fortune-20 organization.

UBC is looking for talented candidates for a variety of roles, including:

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