Across the Miles...But Never Out of Reach

Across the Miles...But Never Out of Reach

When a patient insists on speaking with a supervisor, our Specialty Pharmacy nurses are happy to oblige.  They feel strongly about helping patients feel comfortable with their therapies and providing them access to additional information and education.  These nurses spend each day on the phone, speaking to patients and healthcare providers, answering questions, and guiding patients through therapy.   

So, when Darah, a nurse clinician, was asked by a patient to be transferred to her supervisor, she did as requested.  Still, she couldn’t help wonder if she had offended her patient in some way.  Boy, was she ever wrong.

Darah’s patient, we’ll call her Barbara, takes a growth hormone injection due to a pituitary disorder.  Here’s what Barbara told Darah’s supervisor:

“Your nurses, especially Darah, are wonderful, supportive, and very helpful.  They give me all the information I need and are so thorough.  They make sure all of my questions are answered.  You all provide emotional as well as helpful support.”

Barbara explained to the supervisor that she is a widow with no children.

“I’m alone,” Barbara said, “but I don’t feel alone because of your company.”

While Barbara’s call was special to Darah and our nursing staff, it wasn’t unusual.  Our nurses develop strong relationships with their patients who rely on them for both medical and emotional support.  Patients like Barbara know that our nurses, and the life-changing care they give, are just a phone call away.