Ahead of the Curve

Ahead of the Curve

Next week’s Pinsonault Managed Markets Summit – Spring Meeting will host executives from leading healthcare organizations, including UBC, who’ll be sharing their knowledge and expertise.  Here’s a lineup of our staff and their presentations:

  • Joe Devine, Sr. Director, Business Development
    What Can You Do with Data for 100 Million Lives? Five Ways to Maximize Available Data
  • Jayson Slotnik, VP, Operations
    Pharma Value Prop for a Real Time Medical Benefit Optimization Tool
  • Rob Osborne, Sr. Director, Business Development, Pharma & Biotech
    New Trends in Specialty Distribution
  • Lee Ann Steadman, Director, Business Development
    Designing PAP Programs to Address the Needs of an Evolving Healthcare Environment

Four different topics on four different areas of our business, sharing one important thing in common:  Maximizing your product’s position in the marketplace.   

In his presentation, Jayson Slotnik will share information on Trusted Reimbursement Access CenterSM (TRACSM) a new web-based tool that can provide benefits verification in seconds, while also providing a gateway to all product information and service access needed by both the patient and healthcare provider.

If you’re heading to next week’s conference, don’t miss these presentations.  And, whether or not you’ll be seeing us next week, check back here for a full description of TRAC and how it can benefit your product.