American Heart Month: Our Hearts Speak One Language

American Heart Month: Our Hearts Speak One Language

From cards to candy, hearts are everywhere during the month of February. But the American Heart Association is encouraging us all to think about a different heart this month: the one affected by cardiovascular disease. According to the organization, cardiovascular disease accounts for 17.3 million deaths per year; it spans the globe and affects very diverse patient populations.

Our team of bilingual nurses eliminates language barriers to ensure continuity of care for all patients, because cardiovascular patients may speak many different languages, but our hearts speak only one language — the language of compassionate care.

A Bilingual Nurse Clinician; A Spanish-Speaking Patient

Meet Celeste, a bilingual Nurse Clinician in our Overland Park, Kansas, facility. Celeste recently answered a call from a Spanish-speaking patient living with dyslipidemia. Celeste has been a nurse clinician with UBC since 2015 and she holds a certification in cardiovascular dysthymia.

In Her Own Words…

“Recently, a Hispanic patient contacted one of our Clinical Support Centers and requested to speak to a Spanish-speaking nurse about her cholesterol medication. The patient was quickly transferred to me, as I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

She started off by saying that after she had open-heart surgery, she never thought she would be able to lower her cholesterol. However, this medication has been the best thing for her condition and she believed it should receive “prestigious recognition” for helping patients like her.

The patient had insurance through Medicaid and relied on me to help her navigate the payer landscape. I was able to eliminate the language barrier and transfer the patient to the program’s Insurance Specialist. I also provided her with an application to enroll in a patient assistance program sponsored by the manufacturer.

I love educating patients and their families while helping them eliminate barriers to access. I love being able to provide information to patients over the phone and hearing their success stories about how the medication on my program has helped them.”

Let our team of bilingual nurses help navigate the therapeutic journey for your diverse patient populations. Contact us today.