Bigger Can Be Better

Bigger Can Be Better

The World Orphan Drug Congress being held this week presents a unique opportunity for manufacturers, advocacy groups,  and patient access providers to meet and discuss how we can all work together to take really good care of small, special patient populations.

One interesting discussion has been about whether small or large providers can best serve the needs of orphan drug manufacturers and their patients.

At HealthBridge Pharma & Biotech, we agree that the highest level of personalized care is possible when all points of contact come from one vendor in a coordinated manner.  However, we don’t believe that small patient populations need or deserve small solutions.   HealthBridge provides a superior patient and prescriber journey by acting as a single point of contact for stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a drug.   And the reason we’re able to build and support effective highly-customized programs is because of the resources of Express Scripts. 

As part of Express Scripts’ suite of services, HealthBridge is able to provide:

  • Unrivaled level of access to data for patients, prescribers, prescriptions, and pharmacies
  • Comprehensive industry insight into the many programs that impact the lifecycle of a drug
  • Executive leaders who guide program success with keen market intelligence

We understand that the needs of each patient population are different and that a boutique approach to program development is a must.  In fact, several of the therapies we manage treat as few as four patients.  But, we are able to offer those four patients the big, personalized solution they deserve.  And, that's why our CuraScript Specialty Pharmacy has successfully cared for more patients on orphan and ultra orphan therapies than any other pharmacy.