Breast Cancer Study Achieves Enrollment Goal 8 Weeks Ahead of Schedule

Clinical Trials for breast cancer

Breast Cancer Study Achieves Enrollment Goal 8 Weeks Ahead of Schedule

In the United States alone, approximately 2.9 million women have faced or are currently facing breast cancer1. As the second most commonly diagnosed type of cancer among American women, breast cancer always needs new, advanced treatment options. At UBC, we’re passionate about helping our manufacturer partners develop the cancer-fighting drugs that have given hope to millions of women.

One of the most important early steps in bringing life-saving treatment to the market is recruiting and retaining the right clinical trial participants. Our Patient & Physician Services (PPS) team designs and implements customized patient recruitment and retention programs, call center initiatives, and digital strategies, all in support of clinical trials. These efforts translate into comprehensive, end-to-end clinical trial strategies for our manufacturer partners that often exceed expectations.

PPS managed patient recruitment for a complicated Phase IV breast cancer study. With a goal of enrolling 800 patients across 107 study sites in the United States, we implemented a customized recruitment approach, utilizing methods and tactics designed to alleviate the burden of a complicated protocol on sites and allow for easier pre-identification of potential patients.

Our patient recruitment team worked hand-in-hand with study sites to devise strategies and implement tactics to overcome the following protocol-specific challenges:

  • Competition with other ongoing breast cancer studies
  • Complicated pre-identification inclusion criteria
  • Vigorous data collection for a complex protocol
  • Complex chemotherapy regimen and risk factor assessment

We deployed a variety of strategies, specific to the challenges faced by study sites, including:

Alleviating burden on site staff to screen patients
- Providing assistance in patient eligibility review
- Establishing weekly calls with sites to review patient screening logistics

Expanding patient pool for the study by allowing easier identification of patients
- Providing chemotherapy regimen/risk factor definition in simple flowchart

Alleviating burden on site staff regarding data collection
- Providing data entry tips and allowing sites direct access to data manager at the point of entry

Continuously engaging sites to keep study top-of-mind
- Providing regular eNewsletters to highlight enrollment achievements and study-specific recruitment ‘best practices’ directly from peer sites

As a result of our tactics, screenings increased immediately: An average of four times more patients were enrolled each week after UBC’s direct contact with the study sites. In addition:

  • Our experienced oncology recruitment team’s strategic implementation did not increase the sponsor’s budget
  • We met the study enrollment goal 8 weeks ahead of schedule

How do you ensure that you attract and can keep the right patient population for your oncology clinical trial needs? Did your last oncology trial meet its enrollment goal? How do you support your study staff when you have a complicated protocol and data collection requirements? Contact us to discuss how our PPS team can help your oncology clinical trial achieve your patient recruitment and retention goals.

1. According to the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2013 – 2014