Building Trust Starts with Creating Value

Clinical Nurse Educators open doors for pharma sales reps

Building Trust Starts with Creating Value

“There is one great problem that seriously challenges the ability of America’s research-based pharmaceutical companies to continue doing what they do better than any other entity of the globe: research and develop new cures and treatments. In a word, it is trust.”
 - Billy Tauzin, President and CEO of PhRMA, 2005-2010

To ensure breakthrough therapies are truly successful, pharmaceutical manufacturers must work to build and enhance prescriber and patient trust.

And to build brand trust, manufacturers must first work to create authentic and valuable relationships with their prescribers. But when more than half of physicians  are placing moderate-to-severe access restrictions on pharmaceutical sales representatives, how can manufacturers build these much needed relationships? Clinical Nurse Educators are shaping the way prescribers, healthcare practices and patients learn about established products, new therapies, and patient support programs.

Going Beyond the Clinical Benefits to Create Value

In a highly competitive market, manufacturers must not only showcase the clinical benefits of their product, but they must also demonstrate value and product differentiation through high-touch services and care. UBC’s Clinical Nurse Educators aim to alleviate burdens for manufacturers, prescribers and patients by providing many value-added services, such as:


  • Patient Training & Education: Research shows that within one hour, people will have forgotten an average of 50 percent of the information presented to them. If prescribers and their office staff have to continually retrain patients on their new therapies, it will create even more constraints on their already limited time. Clinical Nurse Educators can alleviate this burden by providing training and education to the patient on behalf of the prescriber and their staff. Our nurses can even bring the training to the patient, allowing them to receive this high-touch support and care in the comfort of their own home. A positive nurse interaction not only optimizes product adoption and outcomes, but it also enhances the therapeutic experience for both the prescriber and patient.
  • Patient Support Services: Today, many manufacturers rely on prescribers to inform patients of the brand support services available to them, but fewer than one in five patients are aware these services exist. UBC’s Clinical Nurse Educators ensure patients are aware of the support services available by educating the patient and their family on a variety of patient support programs. Our nurses will even refer patients to alternate funding sources and adherence programs.
  • Peer-to-Peer Trainings: We know pharmaceutical and biotech field sales teams face a tough environment when trying to communicate and build relationships with physicians and their office staff. In contrast, Clinical Nurse Educators’ clinical credibility can help open doors. At UBC, we have found that many prescribers and other healthcare professionals view nurses as a trusted resource, a peer, who isn’t at their office to ‘sell’ a product, but rather to provide clinical expertise and education.  Watch the video below to see how a UBC Clinical Nurse Educator can help pharmaceutical sales representatives, like Marcus, engage with prescribers through clinician-to-clinician education.

Build Brand Trust with Clinical Nurse Educators from UBC on Vimeo.

By partnering a Clinical Nurse Educator with a pharmaceutical sales representative, manufacturers are able to bring more credibility to their brand, build awareness of their services, and improve the overall therapeutic experience. If you are ready to build trust within your prescribing community and patient population, contact us today. To learn more about UBC’s nursing and adherence expertise, click here.