Cancer: A Battle That Can’t Be Fought Alone

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Cancer: A Battle That Can’t Be Fought Alone

At age twelve, I watched my grandmother lose her three year battle with lung cancer. Her battle and my family’s support showed me that while cancer is personal, it takes a village to fight it.

That tragic event put me on a course of crusading against cancer of all forms, which led me to join the Upjohn Company in support of their oncology portfolio. In that role, I was exposed to the clinical nature of cancer: how it progresses, how it attacks the body, how it affects a patient’s emotional well-being and how it is treated. I learned that when you treat cancer, you have to go beyond the disease and consider the range of side effects, like the pain, hair loss, and social stigma. Not only are these patients fighting to stay alive, they are fighting to have a life worth living.

When Upjohn was acquired by Pfizer in 2002, I started working very closely with national cancer institutes, networks, and many patient advocacy organizations. I saw first-hand the critical role communities and advocacy groups play in empowering and supporting cancer patients and their families. The leaders of these organizations shared many heartfelt stories of patients who relied heavily on their organizations and support services to help them fight their battle. My passion for patient-centric care led me to UBC in the fall of 2015. As a commercial product and service development leader, it’s my job to ensure UBC continues to provide the right solutions and services to support oncology patients and the advancements in cancer care. I look forward to attending ASCO this year to learn more about the emerging breakthrough therapies coming to market and what our industry can do to ensure patients don’t have to fight their cancer battle alone.

If you’re attending ASCO this year, I’d like to invite you to stop by booth #5135 to learn more about the Express Scripts family of oncology services.

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