Care for the Rare

Care for patients with rare diseases

Care for the Rare

Rare diseases are a hot topic in healthcare today. Google “rare disease” and you’ll find hundreds of news stories about the research efforts of many companies and advocacy groups. Interestingly, 40% of novel drug approvals by the FDA in 2014 were indicated for rare conditions.

Getting these drugs into the hands of patients and providing them with ongoing care are important considerations for manufacturers as they work to bring new, lifesaving medications to market. That is why it’s critical for manufacturers to partner with a specialty pharmacy with expertise and proven experience with small patient populations.

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy has cared for more patients living with rare diseases than any other pharmacy in the United States. Employees in our Rare Disease Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC) focus their attention solely on the personalized care of these patients.

You might think of our TRC as a pharmacy within a pharmacy. That means patients with even the rarest of diseases will engage with professionals who have been trained in their disease state and who intimately understand their unique needs and their prescribed product.

Patient Care Advocates
Our front-line staff has real-time visibility into the patient’s status and access to their referral documentation. They are compassionate individuals who empathize with patients and work to ensure medications are delivered on time.

Benefit Specialists
Orphan drugs may be very expensive and we understand that cost can become a limiting factor for patients seeking care. Patients may lack awareness of financial aid and other programs available to them. Our benefit specialists’ expertise and intimate familiarity with medications and available support resources enables us to help patients access medications they need

TRC nurses offer proactive nursing interactions, including guidance on administration, techniques for managing side effects, and disease state education to reduce barriers to adherence. Accredo also has a market-leading national nursing staff that can provide in-home care as needed.

The specialist pharmacists in the Rare Disease TRC review each patient’s medication history upon receiving a new prescription in order to guard against the potential for adverse drug interactions. For gene-correcting therapies, they screen for the appropriate gene defect. These specialist pharmacists also collaborate with physician offices when needed. 

This personalized care is one of the leading reasons why Accredo is the leader in dispensing orphan and ultra-orphan medications. Biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers of all sizes have placed their trust in our ability to provide flexible, high-touch solutions that meet the needs of their patients. Don’t let your patients get lost in the shuffle. Contact me to discuss putting our rare disease specialists to work for your patient population.