Celebrate Nurses who Bring Value to Brands

Celebrate Nurses who Bring Value to Brands

Today, brand sales representatives often struggle to obtain face-to-face meetings with prescribers. In contrast, Clinical Nurse Educators’ clinical credibility can open doors. When partnered with a pharma or biotech sales rep, these nurses bring value to the brand by enhancing prescriber knowledge and building trust through product education and training.

Please join us in celebrating our nurse educators as part of National Nurses Week. Watch the video below to see how a UBC Clinical Nurse Educator can help pharmaceutical sales representatives like Marcus better engage with prescribers.

Build Brand Trust with Clinical Nurse Educators from UBC on Vimeo.

Learn more about UBC’s Clinical Nurse Educators and contact us today to bring the credibility of our nurses to your brand.

Do you know an amazing nurse? Someone who goes above and beyond to make the world a healthier place, one patient at a time? In our eyes, nurses are heroes. If you agree, recognize a nurse you know as a Pharma Hero. We’ll make a donation to charity in their honor. That’s just one more great way to celebrate National Nurses Week!

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