Chart Review Studies: The 5 Pillars of a Strong Research Solution

Chart Review Studies: The 5 Pillars of a Strong Research Solutionc

Chart Review Studies: The 5 Pillars of a Strong Research Solution

When you’re relying on external support for your evidence-gathering needs, the vendor you choose quickly becomes a valued partner. You’re driving your product’s value story together, and you’ll want to be sure that your partner’s recommendations are backed up by solid experience.

UBC has more than a decade of experience in conducting chart review studies. We have a proven ability to design study protocols and case report forms (CRFs) suited to the chart review paradigm, effectively attracting the appropriate study sites, meeting ethics approval and contracting requirements, resulting in robust, high-quality data — on time.

For more than 10 years, UBC has offered our clients a proven approach to the full-service design and conduct of small- and large-scale, multi-site data collection studies. Our team of experts has been published in more than 50 scholarly articles and has conducted chart reviews on numerous indications spanning hundreds of sites and thousands of patients across the world. With that experience, we have learned that a strong research solution should be:

  • Quality-controlled

    • Carefully designed to withstand rigor of peer review
    • Employs data validations at point of data entry
    • Enables scientifically valid chart sampling and disposition tracking
  • Practical and convenient

    • Employs a remote monitoring model, thereby avoiding the need for local on-site monitoring and oversight
  • Efficient

    • Facilitates site and data monitoring in real-time using the UBC proprietary 21 CRF 11 compliant electronic data capture (EDC) system, built specifically to collect chart review and other observational data
    • Permits a clean data set within days of database closure
    • Simultaneously gathers data across multiple countries
  • Consistent

    • Employs a standard CRF resulting in standardized local or multi-national data
  • Valuable

    • Describes patient care (real-world and compassionate use) outside the clinical trial setting void of the Hawthorne effect (the effect whereby physicians change practice patterns inadvertently based on their awareness of being observed)
    • Quantifies real-world variability in relation to patient characteristics, patterns of medical care, and health outcome
    • Informs clinical trial design, costing, and other burden of illness or health economic analyses
    • Highlights unmet medical need, and informs development of treatment guidelines

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