Creativity: The Secret Ingredient in Clinical Trial Success

Creativity: The Secret Ingredient in Clinical Trial Success

We all know that there are many things that are essential to the success of a clinical trial. But there’s one thing that absolutely no trial can do without: Patients.

Recruiting patients and equipping trial sites with what they need to effectively enroll patients is no simple feat. Ensuring successful study enrollment requires careful consideration of a multitude of factors such as disease prevalence, usual care patterns, patient compliance rates, number of study visits, and data collection requirements. It also requires a great deal of creativity.

The UBC Patient and Physician Services department works on the visuals for each study, creating user-friendly materials with eye-catching designs to ensure that recruitment tactics make the experience easy and clear for both study participants and sites. This includes:
• Branding the study with a name and logo
• Developing advertising
• Creating site and patient materials
• Designing website interfaces
• Producing other custom tactics based on the individual study

Something as seemingly simple as naming the study takes brainstorming, research, and strategic planning. By appropriately naming the study and creating a consistent theme and creative look, the team helps generate enthusiasm among the trial staff and prospective patients, and ultimately contributes to study participation.

Enrolling patients is only part of the battle – patient retention is also challenging. To keep patients engaged and to increase adherence, we supply each trial site with an investigator kit that includes carefully crafted study information. These kits include recruitment and study overview brochures, study binders, quick reference inclusion/exclusion criteria cards and other tools, as well as detailed information to guide the patient throughout the study. Study participants usually receive appointment reminders (both electronic and paper forms), a study overview guide, and other items to help them adhere to study medication and attend study visits.

As the world becomes more web- and mobile-savvy, my team’s focus is turning to materials and products that fit into the busy lifestyles of study participants. Developing mobile apps, video books, online qualifiers and screeners, text messaging, and cloud-connected wearable technology helps reduce the burden on participating sites and measurably contributes to patient retention.

Contact the UBC Patient and Physician Services department when you’re ready to put our team of in-house project managers, patient recruitment specialists, copywriters, graphic artists, web designers and developers, videographers, public relations experts, and print production managers to work for your clinical trials