Discover the Latest Patient Recruitment Strategies at SCOPE


Discover the Latest Patient Recruitment Strategies at SCOPE

Two of UBC’s experts will offer attendees at next week’s CHI Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) a look at the ways we’re utilizing data to recruit for clinical trials. The topics include using real-time data for site selection optimization and developing realistic study criteria through patient targeting.

Harnessing Real-Time Data to Optimize Site and Patient Recruitment
Meghan Winegrad, Senior Director, New Solutions
12:10 p.m., Wednesday, February 24

As an industry, we have focused on enhancing the patient-centricity of clinical trials, and UBC has identified a particularly effective approach through our proprietary data-driven platform, ExpressConnectSM This tool helps us identify trial sites immediately within the communities where targeted patients work and live, thereby unlocking a “triple win” for patients, primary investigators (PIs), and our pharma clients.

ExpressConnect links more than 130 million patients and 4 million prescribers with highly relevant clinical trial opportunities. Through this service, UBC uses both prescription and medical claims to identify potential PIs with optimal quantities of target patient populations, and then leverages our parent company, Express Scripts, to contact patients directly via letters, emails, and phone calls.

ExpressConnect is the only service in the market today that can provide both hyper-targeted PI recommendations and simultaneously conduct direct-to-patient recruitment outreach.  The proprietary capabilities deliver market-leading ROI for several key reasons:

  • Longitudinal, complex targeting methodology: No matter how complex the trial criteria, UBC can accommodate a search that filters for elements like evolution of patient diagnoses over time, failure of multiple drug therapies, and more.
  • Actionable list of potential trial PIs: UBC provides clients with a sortable list containing complete provider contact information, including address, phone, and fax, as well as target patient counts per doctor.
  • Reduced timeline to first patient in: Not only does ExpressConnect reach patients directly using letters, phone, and email, but UBC can also use the same proprietary data sources to assist PIs with expedited onsite patient recruitment. As a potential enhancement, UBC offers providers lists of qualifying patients in their own practices, reducing the administrative burden of using internal resources to identify potential participants.

Meghan will lead an in-depth discussion about UBC’s actionable data and demonstrated operational efficiencies.

Do Patients Defined in My Clinical Trial Protocol Really Exist in Real-World Healthcare Settings?
Irene Cosmatos, Software Delivery Manager, Database Analytics Automation
4:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 24

A recent survey showed approximately 75% of respondents failed to meet enrollment targets between 5% and 25% of the time and listed unrealistic protocols as one of the primary reasons for not reaching enrollment targets within established timelines.

Irene will explain how targeting patients early can prevent unrealistic study criteria from causing delays in patient recruitment. Observational healthcare data provides insight into clinical and demographic profiles of patients in real-world settings, increasing the probability of successful patient recruitment. Through case studies, attendees will learn how real-world data can inform protocol criteria and recruitment, using visualizations that highlight problem criteria.

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