Don’t Let M&A Impact Your Study

Pharma M&A

Don’t Let M&A Impact Your Study

Patent expirations and mounting pricing pressures have fuelled record M&A activity throughout the pharma and biotech industry. This trend shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, PwC’s Health Research Institute predicts 2016 will be “the year of merger mania.”

These breakups and makeups can impact every area of the business, including research projects, stalling promising compounds. As a seasoned clinical research project leader, Van Zyl Engelbrecht will share real-life examples of the challenges and solutions to an M&A shakeup during his presentation at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials – Europe. 

Breaking up is hard to do. Strategies for coping with a sponsor’s acquisition or sale and minimizing the impact to your study
11:00 a.m. - Tuesday, 17 May

During this presentation, Van Zyl will cover:

  • How to successfully manage global studies while undergoing an acquisition
  • Valuable lessons from real-world case studies
  • Actions that can result in negative outcomes and how to avoid them
  • Proactive steps to minimize the disruptive impact of M&A

If you can’t attend the presentation, contact us to discuss solutions to challenges your study is facing due to recent or looming M&A.