Driving Innovation Together


Driving Innovation Together

The LAB is where experts from the entire family of Express Scripts Companies - including the Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, the Express Scripts PBM, the Express Scripts Home Delivery Pharmacy and UBC - come together to solve for the most pressing pain points in healthcare today.

In our work together, it’s clear that the agenda of pharmaceutical manufacturers, plan sponsors, patients, caregivers and providers is more alike than different. All face an unprecedented degree of complexity and cost in navigating this increasingly intricate environment, and all are deeply dedicated to maximizing patient outcomes.  As such, it only makes sense to work together, testing and learning as partners within the LAB to find better, faster and more high-impact ways to deliver next-generation patient care.

The LAB team is working together on projects that span the entire pharma product life cycle, from launching new ways to enhance clinical development, to uncovering insights that lead to more successful launches for breakthrough therapies, to delivering value-added care and services in highly competitive markets.

We have a standing open invitation for partners across the pharmaceutical industry to visit us, take a peek at some of our next-generation solutions, and meet with visionaries from across our family of companies who are dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare.

Click here if you are interested in visiting the LAB.