Exploring eEnablement: A Panel Discussion at CBI’s eRx and EHR Conference

Exploring eEnablement: A Panel Discussion at CBI’s eRx and EHR Conference

The secret’s out: eEnablement is officially a megatrend in the healthcare industry. From ePrescribing and EMR integration to electronic prior authorizations and online patient consent, every stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem is looking for innovative ways to leverage technology to streamline their operations, lower costs and enhance the patient experience.

Legislative and regulatory forces are continuing to incentivize prescribers to leverage technology to communicate with and manage their patients. Given these market dynamics, it will be increasingly important for Pharma to develop strategies to integrate their patient support services into these new operating models. Prescribers are clamoring for programs to seamlessly "plug in" to their electronic medical record systems to eliminate duplicate work and speed up their patients’ access to therapy.

On Thursday, March 27, I will be at CBI’s inaugural e-Rx and EHR conference in Philadelphia moderating the panel discussion The Future of eEnablement: Where It’s Heading and How It Will Enhance Pharma Patient Support Programs. My panel will discuss the impact of these megatrends and answer the following questions:

  • What does the current healthcare eEnablement landscape look like and how are pharmaceutical manufacturers “plugged into” what is going on in the marketplace?
  • How is eEnablement technology being utilized by pharmaceutical manufacturers to streamline enrollment and communication within their patient support programs?
  • How will initiatives like the NCPDP ePA standard drive efficiencies within pharmaceutical manufacturer reimbursement programs?

I hope to see many of you next week in Philadelphia. Feel free to connect with me or Chuck Williams at the conference to learn more about UBC’s innovative eEnablement chassis and how your organization can leverage these capabilities to enhance your patient support service offering.