Express Scripts Integrates Pharma Services

Express Scripts Integrates Pharma Services

Express Scripts has announced a plan to enhance and expand our pharmaceutical and biotechnology commercial platform offering by combining United BioSource Corporation (UBC) and HealthBridge Pharma & Biotech.

The April 2, 2012, announcement of Express Scripts’ merger with Medco marked an opportunity for the UBC and HealthBridge executive teams to define, reinvigorate, and enhance a robust pharma product and service mix.

UBC will be contributing several strategic assets, which, when combined with HealthBridge, will create one of the most influential healthcare channel partners in the peri- and post-approval, risk management, and product-access market. This business will operate under the UBC name.

Express Scripts will capitalize on the combined power of UBC’s tenure in the generation of authoritative evidence around product safety, value, and effectiveness in the real world setting, and design, deliver, and implement robust risk-management programs to ensure products are used under the most appropriate conditions.  Most importantly, we will continue working to ensure that patients have a positive product experience and remain adherent to their therapeutic regimen.

By combining the clinical, epidemiological, and risk management competencies within UBC, with the channel influence, payer network access, and technical infrastructure within our reimbursement, Hub, and nursing coordination centers, we remain well positioned to deliver the value our manufacturer clients have come to rely on in today’s increasingly complex marketplace.  We look forward to revealing our strategy in more detail in the near future, as we build out our “360° view” of the best way to care for our patients, payers, healthcare providers, and partners.

Within UBC, we have demonstrated a commitment to commercializing safe and effective therapies, providing value-added services to regulators, healthcare practitioners, and patients. Aligning and integrating these competencies with the HealthBridge offering, and being powered by the leading pharmacy benefit manager, Express Scripts is once again demonstrating its commitment to manufacturer customers.

To our current clients, thank you for your trust in us and our people. We will be proactive in our integration communication and introductions of our leadership team moving forward.  And, to our future clients, we look forward to introducing you to the “new UBC.” 

Patrick Lindsay, Executive Vice President, United BioSource Corporation
Kevin Cast, Vice President, Strategy and Contracting, Pharma & Biotech, Express Scripts