Focus: Oncology

Focus: Oncology

We know the drug development pipeline is dominated by new oral cancer medications and newer, targeted therapies that will require companion genetic tests.  That means that oncology drug manufacturers will increasingly rely on specialty pharmacies to provide services to ensure patient care and adherence. And, that’s where our experience and expertise put us in a class of our own. 

Our Specialty Pharmacy team will be speaking on oncology at two conferences this week:

  • NextLevel Pharma: Oncology Unmet Medical Need Forum
  • Therigy Specialty Pharmacy Leadership Conference

We’ll be talking about our Therapeutic Resource Center(TRC) for Oncology, which provides a patient-centric approach for managing the unique and complex needs of cancer patients.  The TRC has a staff of more than 230 oncology personnel, including 100+ Specialist Pharmacists who are highly trained in dispensing requirements for oncology medications, improving adherence, and helping patients avoid unnecessary adverse events. 

Our therapy management protocols are designed to identify and close gaps in care, help patients understand requirements of their medications, and minimize events that can lead to therapy drop off. 

We’ll also be talking about our data that shows how oncology patients who receive their medication from our specialty pharmacy demonstrate stronger adherence. 

Hope to connect with you this week.