Free Online Nutrition Support for Accredo Oncology Patients

Free Online Nutrition Support for Accredo Oncology Patients

The FDA approved eight new cancer therapies in 2013, and several breakthrough cancer therapies designed as oral treatments may reach the market in late 2014 or early 2015. Manufacturers of these therapies are looking for a specialty pharmacy with the experience needed to address the many complexities of oncology therapy, including patients’ need for nutritional support.   

Nutrition management plays a vital role in influencing the course of treatment, outcomes, and overall quality of life for patients with cancer, yet 80% of cancer patients never receive nutrition support or interact with a registered dietitian. In fact, approximately 1 in 5 cancer deaths in the U.S. are related to malnutrition and severe weight loss.

Accredo’s Oncology Nutrition Service program provides patient-driven, clinician-supported nutritional services, including TherapEase Cuisine, an online self-service tool to guide patients’ diet and nutrition decisions throughout their treatment.

Developed by oncology dietitians and launched in 2010, TherapEase is now an exclusive program available to all Accredo patients with a valid prescription for an oncology medication. The program captures information a dietitian would normally gather during a patient consultation — height and current weight, diagnosis and treatment, side effects, and any specific diet requirements. The system then provides recommendations to help patients avoid food/drug interactions, reduce side effects, and meet suggested calorie levels and their target body mass index. Patients can even use Therapease to plan meals and find recipes appropriate for their needs.

TherapEase is also integrated into Accredo’s operating system to provide real-time updates of patient therapy and resulting nutritional guidelines to ensure better guidance for each patient.

TherapEase is just one part of the Oncology Nutrition Services. Specialist pharmacists and nurses in the Oncology Therapeutic Resource Center address food-related issues, follow dietetic protocols to drive safety and adherence, and can refer patients with acute nutritional needs to a dietitian.

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