Generate Strong Value Messages with Hybrid Studies

Hybrid Study for Pharmaceutical Value Messages

Generate Strong Value Messages with Hybrid Studies

Real-world data on effectiveness, safety, and other outcomes are increasingly being demanded by multiple stakeholders. Data can be obtained using secondary data sources (electronic medical records, claims/administrative data, existing registries) or through primary de novo data collection.

The UBC team undertook an assessment of six case studies to highlight key scientific and operational strengths of hybrid study designs. The results were presented in a poster at ISPOR titled “Combining Multiple Data Sources in a Single Study: Strengths of Hybrid Study Methodology”.

Two studies combined chart review with a one-time survey, two studies supplemented time data (stopwatch measurements) with a chart review or health care professional survey, and two studies combined administrative data with a patient survey. Scientific strengths of hybrid studies include:

  • The ability to combine different methodologies that, when used alone, may not allow collecting all desired information
  • The collection of tailored real-world data that encompass diverse outcomes to answer different stakeholder needs
  • The ability to link retrospective and prospective data and to explore relationships between variables and outcomes.

The key operational strength is leveraging a single study infrastructure: timelines may be shortened (not all data are collected from zero), and costs may be reduced (avoiding multiple research initiatives). Access to large claims databases also enables focused site and/or patient identification, and allows access to rare and difficult-to-reach populations.  

The authors concluded that a tailored hybrid study design that combines multiple data sources for the same cohort or for multiple populations, may be essential for generating stronger value messages in a timely and cost-efficient way.

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