Get it Right from the Start: Hub Design Drives Better Patient Outcomes

Reimbursement hub design

Get it Right from the Start: Hub Design Drives Better Patient Outcomes

In a world of mounting cost pressures, providing effective patient services continues to be a key consideration for manufacturers of specialty medications. The right Hub design can optimize a manufacturer’s investment and lead to healthy (and happy) patients.

UBC was asked by a manufacturer to provide Hub solutions for their orphan product used to treat an estimated 500 patients in the United States with a rare genetic metabolic condition. We recognized several potential pitfalls and designed a Hub to meet these challenges.

Transitioning patients from clinical trials
The drug was being transitioned from a study drug to a commercial product. We worked closely with the manufacturer, patients, and prescribers to provide a high-touch transition. The manufacturer provided clinical trial participants with free goods while appeals and formulary issues were being addressed to ensure there was no gap in care.

Proactive payer engagement
UBC sent out pre-enrollment forms to gather the patient demographic information and details about insurance coverage. This allowed us to get a jump on contacting payers in order to help the manufacturer obtain formulary approval for their orphan product. We were able to successfully transition more than half of the study patients to commercial product.

Full-service patient support
Ongoing care was of utmost importance for these patients facing such a rare disease. UBC established a full-service Hub that goes beyond standard benefit investigations. We also provide a Clinical Contact Center and a Patient Assistance Program for patients in need. Our case managers not only complete standard reimbursement functions, but they also work in conjunction with patient access managers at Accredo Specialty Pharmacy to follow up on shipments and insurance related issues. In addition, our team works with patient advocacy groups, such as the Chronic Disease Fund, to provide patients with even more financial resources.

Recently, the manufacturer launched a 30-minute internet survey to obtain patient and caregiver feedback of our services. The survey found that the majority of the respondents are satisfied with their customer service experience. We received the following feedback:

  • Best support team I have ever worked with. Keep up the great work.” - Caregiver
  • Above and beyond. Amazing.”  - Caregiver
  • The kindness and care I received was exceptional. I wouldn’t change anything. Good job.” - Caregiver

UBC’s expertise in Hub design allowed patients to successfully transition to commercial coverage without gaps in care. Through the process we have developed strong relationships with these patients, which is key to providing personalized support.

Contact us or join our experts at the CBI Hub Models and Program Design conference for the opening address to learn more about how the right hub design can drive healthier outcomes for patients.