In Good Company

In Good Company

Small patient populations need big solutions.  And, as exhibited by the table below featured in a recent FierceBiotech article, Express Scripts continues to show manufacturers that there is strength in size.

The table, created by Thomson Reuters Cortellis for The Economic Power of Orphan Drugs report, shows the top 10 orphan drugs now on the market and their value.  Express Scripts supports EVERY product on this list through our specialty pharmacy and/or specialty distribution services.   

Pharmaceutical manufacturers of orphan drugs and patients living with rare diseases can take heart in the FierceBiotech article, which explains some of the economics behind orphan drug development. 

The article points out that the rise in revenue from these drugs will help fund development for the next generation of experimental products.  That’s good news for drug developers and a real sign of hope for patients with diseases so rare that treatment is limited or even non-existent. 

As more orphan products come to market, we’ll continue to find the best ways to get the right drug to the right patient at the right time…and keep them there.  It’s a priority everyone in our industry can agree on….whether we’re talking about five patients or 50,000.