Great Outcomes

Great Outcomes

The  Pharma Outcomes conference, held in St. Louis, Missouri, last month, was a great opportunity to meet with pharma manufacturers and talk about how we here at Express Scripts and UBC can help products launch and maintain a prominent place in the market.   

During the conference, Patrick Lindsay, Executive Vice President, UBC, and I shared several examples of how UBC’s team of scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, researchers, and other staff have used their knowledge and experience to help clients save significant time and resources as they prepare for the FDA review process. 

Our team has a real love for learning, and what we’ve learned about a variety of disease states and patient populations, through years of research, studies, surveys, and assessments, can help clients move their products from clinical development to the market.  We’re committed to using our experience to customize the best possible solutions for your products and patients. 

UBC also has the experience needed to get your product to healthcare providers and patients.  As we’ve announced here before , UBC is now teamed with the strength of Express Scripts and includes the HealthBridge Pharma & Biotech suite of services.  Together, our comprehensive service offering (see below) spans the full lifecycle of a product and will allow us to bring new insights and experience to the healthcare industry. 

Thanks for your trust in us.  We’re looking forward to many more great outcomes for our clients and their patients.