A Holistic Approach to Patient Support Services

A Holistic Approach to Patient Support Services

A Holistic Approach to Patient Support Services

Patients sometimes experience delays with filling their prescription for a variety of reasons. Understandably, the longer a patient has to wait to fill a prescription the less likely they are to actually fill it.

With the right combination of technology, people, and processes, UBC’s comprehensive approach to patient support services help patients access their medications as quickly as possible and stay adherent to their therapy. Spanning reimbursement hubs to nursing & adherence programs, our holistic patient support services ensure your patients receive support and high-touch care through their entire therapeutic journey.

Removing Obstacles to Therapy With New Tech & Data Capabilities

Through UBC Pathways™, our proprietary suite of healthcare analytics and technology solutions, UBC is able to accelerate speed to therapy and improve medication adherence even more by connecting all the services a patient needs through an electronic support system. We are able to expedite electronic enrollment and consent solutions by removing the manual waste associated with fax submissions. As a subsidiary of Express Scripts, UBC’s electronic benefit verification solution can verify in seconds the full benefits of Express Scripts’ members, who make up one of every four patients.

In addition to electronic patient access solutions for both the pharmacy and medical benefit, UBC Pathways offers advanced data analytical solutions that help optimize product and patient support program performance, including:

  • Advanced Visualizations: Gives manufacturers access to actionable information through robust, customizable dashboards on-demand.
  • Marketplace Analytics: UBC leverages pharmacy and medical claims, lab, EMR, and a wide array of other external source to help our clients make informed decisions through data-driven insights.

Keeping Patients Adherent with Experienced Nursing Services & Patient Engagement Solutions

We know that improving outcomes is more than just overcoming barriers to access. Many patients, already at an increased stress level because of the seriousness of their disease, may experience increased anxiety when beginning a new treatment regimen, leading to a decrease in adherence. Whether our patient interactions are in-person, telephonic, virtual, or electronic through UBC Pathways, our nurses provide high-touch support for your complex, specialty products.

Our nurses are experts at building relationships with patients, helping them overcome fears of new and existing medical conditions, and providing education and support. They have a passion to educate and make a difference during each and every patient interaction.

We offer a diverse range of clinical support programs through a variety of delivery channels (e.g., telephonic, web-based, video conference, in-home). Each program is custom designed for the unique needs of the disease, patients, physicians, and product. Our nurses educate patients and physicians, provide administration training (including devices), help administer therapy, and support long-term disease management.

Our staff of RNs is trained to educate patients on the benefits of therapy adherence with patient-centric clinical consultations. They receive specialized product-specific education and training to address questions related to therapy management, lifestyle management, and product information including common side effects and ongoing information about their medication and/or device.  

These are just a few of the tools our nurses may use:

  • Mobile Messaging: Notifies patients of missing information, refill reminders or nurse education calls.
  • Web & Video Chat: Connects patients to nurses and/or pharmacists for clinical support
  • Mobile Applications: Allows patients to manage their care plan and prescriptions, request clinical support, track their adherence as well as integrate into other 3rd party applications, such as wearables through Android and/or Apple interfaces.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can minimize a lot of the burdens their patients face by offering customized Patient Access & Engagement services and care designed to address the complexity of their disease.  At UBC, we are committed to working with our pharma partners to develop strategic solutions that address their patients’ unique needs.

The UBC team will be at Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit, April 30 – May 3.

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