How Do You Define a Hero?

How Do You Define a Hero?

Someone who saves lives?

Someone who conquers seemingly insurmountable challenges?

How about your peers in the pharma and biotech industry?

This industry is full of heroes who fight tirelessly for patients across the world. We’re proud of this industry and the amazing work you do. And we hope you are too.

Pharma Heroes is a movement to shine a light on the heroes among us and celebrate the largely unrecognized daily acts that move our industry forward. We need to recognize those who develop medications, ensure they’re safe and effective, and help patients access these life-changing therapies when they need them the most.

We need your help. You probably know a Pharma Hero: a person at your lab who made a breakthrough discovery, someone who works late into the night, or a coworker who has taken the extra step to ensure a patient receives a critical medication. Together, we can celebrate these incredible individuals and the everyday good in this great industry.

Join the Pharma Heroes movement today by telling us about the heroes you know — we’ll do the rest. Get started here.

For each Pharma Hero nomination we receive, we’ll donate $25 to one of three charities that are providing support and healing throughout the world. Click on each charity to learn more about its mission.

Cancer Support Community
“To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.”

“To Eliminate the Challenges of Rare Disease. We build awareness, educate the global community, and provide critical connections and resources that equip advocates to become activists for their disease.”