How to Maximize ROI with Observational Research

UBC designs and manages observational studies that can help maximize a product's ROI

How to Maximize ROI with Observational Research

Traditional randomized controlled trials can help establish the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical and biological products.  Yet manufacturer sponsors are facing increasing pressure to prove the value of a product. 

That’s where real-world observational studies come in.  These studies have become increasingly important for deriving important information about the value of a therapy. 

Observational studies can be used to help sponsors and the varied stakeholders understand the clinical, patient-centered, and economic burden of disease, and the value of different treatments in reducing that burden.

However, because observational research can accomplish so much, there sometimes is a tendency to try to achieve too much in any one study, making the study less successful. Since it is critical that sponsors ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of their observational study program, it is important to keep strategic planning, design, and execution considerations top of mind.

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