Impacting Adherence with Quality Care for Oncology Products and Patients

The Oncology Therapeutic Resource Center is staffed with specialist teams

Impacting Adherence with Quality Care for Oncology Products and Patients

As the trend in specialty pharmaceuticals increases, so does the number of oncology therapies available to patients in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and in their own homes.   Specialty pharmacy service providers should have solid experience in effectively handling and distributing cancer drugs as well as providing the highest quality of care to cancer patients, regardless of where their medicine is administered.

Through our partnership with Express Scripts specialty pharmacy, Accredo, UBC offers an advanced level of insight when pharma manufacturers are looking for providers with solid experience in the complexities of care for both cancer drugs and cancer patients. 

First, let’s talk about the patients.  Specialty pharmacy patients with cancer are stratified to Accredo’s Oncology Therapeutic Resource Center (TRC).  The Oncology TRC team consists of specialist pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, reimbursement specialists, patient service representatives and other experienced support personnel who provide insight and consistent interaction regarding the specific indications, drugs, and emotional issues the patient may be facing.  All patients in the Accredo Oncology TRC have 24/7 access to clinicians.

The TRC is further divided into subteams that specialize in providing drug-specific support — for example, breast, genitor-urinary/prostate, malignant and benign hematologic conditions, and special-needs populations, such as pediatric patients.  The end result is exceptional care for cancer patients, and a 14% higher adherence rate* vs retail.

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*Medco BoB data minus blocked clients, 2009-2010. Measured by variable interval medication possession ratio (MPR) = total days supply between the interval divided by the total days within the interval.