Informed Decisions-Optimized Care Define UBC

Informed Decisions-Optimized Care Define UBC

Every generation sees medical advances in treating illnesses and diseases which previously had few treatments available. Before the discovery of penicillin, lives were lost due to pneumonia, typhoid fever, skin infections, and other maladies, now often easily treated. Antiretroviral drugs have greatly improved the health of patients with HIV-AIDS. Protease inhibitors can successfully treat hepatitis C. And cytotoxic antineoplastic drugs, or chemotherapy, are used to treat many forms of cancer once considered fatal.   

Understanding Drug Development

Just as there’s a science to drug discovery, there is also a science to a drug’s development, regulatory approval, and distribution to prescribers, pharmacists, and patients. UBC knows that science, and the services we provide to pharmaceutical and biotech companies will have a lasting impact on the healthcare provided to many generations.

Who Is UBC?

UBC is an industry leader in helping to prove the safety, efficacy, and value of medical products. We do this with a staff of project managers, physicians, nurses, epidemiologists, safety scientists, clinical research associates, data managers, programs coordinators, and data analysts…to name a few. Our clients include pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes, and whether that company has one or 50 drugs in the pipeline, we provide the same level of expert service and an approach that is customized to a product’s therapeutic area, target population, and method of administration.    

Specialty therapies, like those that treat cancer, hepatitis C, and HIV-AIDS, require support services that help prescribers and patients navigate complex reimbursement processes.  These therapies also often have patient assistance programs to help uninsured or underinsured patients receive access to their medication.  UBC provides those services as well.   In addition, our nursing and adherence services are designed specifically for each drug therapy to provide personalized care to help patients remain on therapy.

UBC is a subsidiary of Express Scripts, as are Accredo Specialty Pharmacy and CuraScript Specialty Distribution.  Together, we ensure an efficient delivery model that reaches the right patients at the right time.  

Our three categories of services span the full lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product.

Demonstrating Value of a Drug

Proving a product’s safety and efficacy no longer is enough to bring a drug to market. More than at any time in the history of our industry, a product’s value must also be proven. While the healthcare industry applauds innovative therapies that improve the quality of patients’ lives, payers’ dollars are not unlimited. The burden of demonstrating the value of a drug and quantifying its impact on patients’ lives lies solely with pharmaceutical companies. 

UBC applies a variety of methodologies, including randomized studies and pragmatic trials, patient chart reviews, observational studies, and patient and physician surveys to demonstrate a product’s value and its potential place in the healthcare market. 

Understanding Changes in the Industry

The pharmaceutical industry, like all of healthcare, is changing rapidly. Economic and regulatory shifts continue to shape the way drugs are manufactured and distributed. Pharma is changing how it funds research and development of new products, how programs are prioritized, and how they staff their companies. The one common denominator of the industry UBC serves is how a product moves through different regulatory and commercial requirements, and most importantly, how that product will be guided to the right patients, under the right conditions to optimize care. 

When these things are well supported, a drug’s value is evident, patients get best results on therapy, and caregivers ultimately enhance the management of their patients.

As the industry’s leading specialty pharmaceutical services provider, these are the goals we at UBC work toward each day. These are the goals that will secure our place in the history of improved healthcare and lifesaving therapies.

I recently met with Pharmaceutical Executive's William Looney to discuss the industry's changing landscape and how UBC continues to evolve to meet the needs of our customers.