Introducing TRAC℠, a One-Stop Resource for Providers and Patients

Introducing TRAC℠, a One-Stop Resource for Providers and Patients

At UBC we pride ourselves on developing innovative tools and time-saving solutions for our pharma customers. Participants at this week’s Pinsonault Managed Markets Summit – Spring Meeting were among the first to hear about a new tool that is innovation at its best AND decreases lag time that may affect health outcomes. 

Jayson Slotnik, Vice President, Operations, introduced the Trusted Reimbursement Access CenterSM (TRAC) solution, a web-based, user-friendly service designed to facilitate accurate and timely patient access to prescribed therapy.  TRAC can provide benefits verification in 30 seconds, while also providing a gateway to all product information and service access needed by both the patient and healthcare provider.

This technology platform connects with benefit management systems to determine medical benefits.  It also helps prescribers navigate lab services, product information, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) protocol, and other details surrounding a patient’s care.  With the ability to access TRAC from their desktop computer or mobile device, healthcare providers can quickly retrieve the information they need so patients can initiate therapy faster.

“TRAC’s customizable functions fit the needs of the physician, the therapy, and most importantly, the patient,” says Jayson.  “It’s a tool that can change the quality of care provided by a physician’s office, and it can provide education and information that will change a patient’s life.” 

TRAC capabilities include:

  • Real time electronic access to health plans, representing coverage for 260+ million lives
  • Strategic communication platform between manufacturers and healthcare providers
  • Capacity to launch multitude of services, such as REMS enrollment
  • Analysis of insurance eligibility results for accurate and complete benefits picture
  • Adjustment of payer eligibility information and other federally mandated accessible payer data
  • Ability to return results within 20 seconds or less
  • HIPAA compliant information system

For healthcare providers whose patients are facing a serious illness, TRAC provides accurate information quickly and easily.  By expediting access to therapy and providing an accurate timeframe for treatment initiation and patient’s financial responsibility, TRAC allows patients and healthcare providers to focus on achieving the best clinical outcome.

For more information, please contact Jayson Slotnik.