Keeping Medicine in Motion: Project Manager Profile

Keeping Medicine in Motion: Project Manager Profile

Project Managers are integral to everything we do here at UBC. They’re at the center of our clients’ programs, keeping a watchful eye on every detail, building strong relationships with stakeholders and ensuring deliverables are accurate and on time. UBC PMs don’t just manage projects; they keep them moving so that medications can keep moving to the next clinical phase, the next regulatory marker, and eventually, the next patient.

In our new Project Manager to Project Mover series, we’ll be highlighting some of the people behind our projects to help you get to know more about them and their work.

Lee Randall
Senior Project Manager
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania
Area of Expertise: Late Stage Clinical Development

Snapshot: Lee has the mind of a proactive problem solver with a heart for patient care. The combination helps him focus on a program’s day-to-day details, including budget, timelines and deliverables, while never losing his passion for improving healthcare. With more than 15 years of experience in clinical project management, Lee draws from lessons learned to anticipate project delays and uses strong interpersonal skills to keep teammates working together on the same priorities.

Current Project: Lee is dedicated to the management of pivotal oncology trials.

What’s in His Toolkit?

  • Vision ─ “It’s my job to identify the needs of a program before obstacles arise. In high school, I worked as a handyman’s helper. I learned to have nails, a hammer, or level ready and waiting when those tools were needed. That lesson has stayed with me. One of my strengths is to anticipate problems and develop timely solutions.”
  • Transparent communications – “Teamwork will drive the success of a program. Clear, transparent communications go a long way in keeping a team informed and on point. It’s important to acknowledge efforts and recognize everyone’s contributions, especially during challenging times.”
  • Positive Attitude ─ “As a PM, I’m on the frontline, providing support to many. I believe in making the most of my role. I thrive on positive energy. We all have difficult days, but negative energy is a time waster. I enjoy my work and want to help others do the same. My theory is having some fun at work helps the team work better together.”

Accountability in Action

  • “Building trust is critical to a strong working relationship with a client. Clients want to work with someone who is accessible and understands the scope and timeline of a program. A PM should anticipate some of the risks and know how to mitigate those risks. Clients are accountable to their company and board of directors. They want to know they’re working with a PM who is extremely supportive and has a vested interest in the program.”
  • “Time is at a premium, so I do whatever I can to be a resource for my client and create efficiencies. When a client was being audited, I provided information in a succinct format that directly addressed potential questions.”

Need to Know

  • “A unified team is essential to a strong program. In our industry, teams within an organization can become very siloed. This often creates duplicative processes and delays in project approvals. By identifying those duplications, sponsors could improve overall work flows.”
  • “Many patients in studies experience a significant disability due to their disease progression. This is certainly the case for patients with ocular melanoma. The level of care and conveniences provided to them may change over the course of the study. It’s important to tailor the ways these patients receive information to keep them engaged in the study.”

Nice to Know

  • “Working as a PM is much more than a job for me ─ it’s a mission. Access to quality healthcare is a right we all have. I know my work is helping to make lives better. No matter what is going on around me, I think about the patients in my program and consider what they and their families are facing. That motivates me to do the best job I can.”
  • “Volunteerism is at the heart of clinical research. The main goal for many patients who volunteer is the opportunity to help others receive improved care. Participating in a study may benefit their own health, but it also gives hope to others. That inspires me. I wholeheartedly believe it’s our responsibility to give back to others. I enjoy volunteering for a variety of organizations, including a grass-roots organization serving people living with HIV/AIDS.

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