Keeping Medicine in Motion: Project Manager Profile

Keeping Medicine in Motion: Project Manager Profile

Project Managers are integral to everything we do here at UBC. They’re at the center of our clients’ programs, keeping a watchful eye on every detail, building strong relationships with stakeholders and ensuring deliverables are accurate and on time. UBC PMs don’t just manage projects; they keep them moving so that medications can keep moving to the next clinical phase, the next regulatory marker, and eventually, the next patient.

In our new Project Manager to Project Mover series, we’ll be highlighting some of the people behind our projects to help you get to know more about them and their work.

Rosanna Duffy
Sr. Project Manager
London, UK
Area of Expertise:  Phase III oncology studies

Snapshot: True to her British nature, Rosanna is a stickler for meeting deadlines and keeping a stiff upper lip when project demands are at their highest. Yet, she’s also known for her patience and composure. Teams value her steadfast focus on problem solving and her attention to detail while never losing sight of a project’s many moving parts.

Current Project: Rosanna is managing the second Phase III study for an oncology product. The database for the first study locked three and a half months ahead of schedule.  The sponsor chose UBC to manage the study for an additional indication.

What’s in Her Toolkit?

  • Calmness – “I believe taking a calm approach helps a program run more smoothly. A project manager can convey the need for urgency and determination without being brash. Calmness also leads to good listening skills. It’s important to really hear what someone is saying so teammates can understand one another’s position and learn from each other.  The study I’m currently managing is recruiting 500 patients in 17 countries.  These patients have had at least two prior regimens of treatment and this treatment may be their last available option. We want to ensure we’re all working together to activate sites as quickly as possible so patients who qualify for the study can begin treatment as soon as possible.”
  • Good Timing – “Good communication is always important, but good timing also is essential.  With CRAs working in multiple countries, it’s important to track various regulatory processes and recognize that all processes aren’t taking place at the same time. While we have ongoing communications and weekly status reports, I will also follow up with team members with updates and information relevant to their particular sites and countries.”
  • Perseverance – “So many details affecting a study are outside our control. I try to guide our team to persevere in the face of whatever challenges are encountered, working together to find a solution.  For example, one of the countries we hope to have on board for this study has experienced political unrest, and therefore uncertainty.  The team are now in the process of adding sites in other countries to ensure that we will be able to meet our enrolment target. We may not always be able to change a situation, but we push forward and persevere.”

Accountability in Action

“I lived in Australia for three and a half years, and worked there as a CRA. I traveled extensively, so I know what it’s like to be on the road for long periods of time. I know what our CRAs are facing. They do a tremendous job, but they can’t do it without the support of their PM. They’re looking for consistent communication, direction, and the resources they need to do their job.”

Need to Know

“Here in Europe, regulatory requirements can vary greatly among different countries. When a regulatory body requests specific protocol amendments, it’s much more efficient to address those issues early on in a study. CRAs and other team experts within each country can provide valuable guidance that can save time later in a study.”

Nice to Know

“There’s nothing better than a high-intensity aerobic workout at the gym to help keep energy high and stress low. It may feel brutal, but it’s worth it.”


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