Let the Data Do the Talking - World Drug Congress Summit Preview

Let the Data Do the Talking - World Drug Congress Summit Preview

Next week industry leaders from pharma, specialty pharmacies, distributors, and payers will convene at the World Congress Summit on Specialty Market Access and Channel Optimization. The Summit is an opportunity to collaborate on product launch and distribution challenges, as well as best practices.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, we encourage you to attend the session presented by our Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Business Development, Kevin Cast. Kevin’s session “Evaluate the Impact of Health Insurance Exchange Plans on Patient Access to Specialty Drugs” will cover:

  • The most recent member data on health information exchanges from UBC’s parent company, Express Scripts – the nation’s largest PBM with more than 100 million covered lives
  • What the data reveals about:

    • the specialty patient
    • the specialty pharmacy
    • the overall care of the specialty patient
  • Forward thinking strategies for specialty pharmacy practice        

As with most complex program implementations, results vary from initial expectations, and the Health Insurance Exchanges are no exception. Attend the session Tuesday, July 29th at 9:45 a.m. to discover what story the data tells.