Let’s Talk About Optimizing Patient Adherence

Let’s Talk About Optimizing Patient Adherence

It’s time we talked about how much revenue is lost due to the increasing trend in medication non-adherence. 

Medication non-adherence results in an average per-drug loss of 36%, and gaining new patients costs pharma an average of 62% more than retaining existing ones.The concern around patient adherence and its impact on brand performance is a growing trend that will only increase over the next several years as the Baby Boomers age and become more impacted by chronic diseases. 

Yes, it’s definitely time to talk.  Because even though non-adherence is breaking the bank, effective, customized adherence programs don’t have to. 

Backed by our parent company, Express Scripts, and the insights that come with providing pharmaceutical benefits to 100 million members, UBC’s and Accredo's adherence programs can address the specific challenges of each patient population, therapeutic area, and drug administration method. 

Early this week, I was on a few panels at the Q1 Productions – Optimizing Pharmaceutical Patient Adherence Conference, discussing the root causes and potential solutions to improve adherence.   I look forward to talking to you anytime about what our custom adherence programs can mean for your product’s bottom line.

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