Life at UBC: Being Laid Off Allowed Me to Build a Career I Never Expected

Life at UBC: Being Laid Off Allowed Me to Build a Career I Never Expected

I can’t say getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me. But I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without that seemingly sour turn of events.

I started working for a large phone service provider as a customer service representative, eventually moving up to an administrative role on the business side of the company. After 7 years, I was laid off.

When I began looking for a new job, I quickly realized that half of the job openings were in the medical field. I decided I would have a better chance at gaining employment if I took classes on medical terminology and combined that with my administrative skills.

That decision was a good one, and I joined Accredo in 2005 as an administrative assistant. Two years later I took advantage of the tuition assistance benefit offered to employees and went to nursing school, earning my RN degree while continuing to work full-time. My managers were pivotal in making this happen. Without their support, it would have been impossible to accomplish this.

With my degree in hand, I was hired as a registered nurse in the same department I supported, which eventually transitioned to a UBC department. Through this, I found my passion helping patients. On a daily basis I interact with patients who are struggling with debilitating and painful diseases.  I personally have spoken with multiple patients over the years whose lives have been drastically changed and improved by taking the medication my team supports.

Recently I was vacationing with my family on a cruise and happened to be seated at a table with a group of women from a retirement village in Orlando.  After introducing ourselves and telling about our line of work, one woman asked further what type of nursing I did. When I mentioned the medication I support, her eyes lit up and she went on to tell me that her husband uses the medication, and he was no longer in a wheelchair because of it!  Hearing stories like these gives me a great sense of satisfaction with my work.

My story doesn’t end there. Just last year, I took advantage of the tuition assistance benefit again and earned my BSN. I love being part of a large organization with numerous opportunities for growth in my career and as an individual.

If you’re looking for a supportive environment where you can build a career, check out our current openings. We’re looking for a variety of talented individuals, including nurse clinicians, RN case managers and clinical educators.

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