Life at UBC: Business Travel Isn’t All Business

Life at UBC: Business Travel Isn’t All Business

As a leader in the data management department, I have a diverse range of responsibilities; one of which is training on UBC’s electronic data capture (EDC) system. Not only do I train our internal teams that manage clinical trial study data, but I also provide training and support for clinical trial study sites using our EDC.

Several times a year, my responsibilities include business trips, and traveling with colleagues is one of my favorite things about working at UBC. Each boarding pass gets me a seat on the plane and the chance to connect with other dedicated employees.

Trips to other UBC offices afford me the opportunity to meet many of my colleagues and create real bonds with co-workers whom I rely on for our project needs. Being in-sync as a team is part of what allows UBC to deliver a high-quality product to our clients.

I can think of numerous investigator meetings where the training team has been setting up a hands-on system demo using multi-user laptops. There can be a little chaos involved with the logistics of prepping 45+ stations, but our team always pulls off a seamless presentation. Our cross-functional teams are able to intertwine the technical system training with protocol-specific data reporting responsibilities. I attribute that seamlessness to the personal connections I’ve made with my peers.

There is also a real sense of camaraderie that develops when you share on-the-road experiences. Outside of the office, you learn new things about others and appreciate people in a different light. 

Once I was traveling through New Jersey and Pennsylvania with one of our directors after a client presentation. We were scheduled to return home on a late night flight. After the meeting, there was no sense for us to jump into rush-hour and make the mad dash to the airport. Instead we took a scenic route.  I found out he was a history buff, especially interested in the era of our founding fathers. We were able to stop and eat dinner very near where George Washington crossed the Delaware River and I got an entire in-the-field history lesson.

Many positions at UBC include travel, ranging from a few times a year to “road warrior” status. Here are a few openings that will get employees away from their office/cubicle:

All of our open positions can be accessed by visiting the UBC careers page.