Life at UBC: Experience Matters

Life at UBC: Experience Matters

For many years, UBC used the tagline “Evidence Matters.” When it comes to the talented team at UBC, I would propose this tagline: Experience Matters. I’ve worked for a variety of companies in my 12 years in the healthcare industry, and I’ve never met a more knowledgeable group of individuals than the ones assembled at UBC.

This experience spans the organization. I’m thankful my leadership includes people who have been Clinical Research Associates (CRAs). They’ve been in my shoes, and they understand the complexities of my role.

As a Senior Clinical Research Associate, I have the opportunity to perform all phases of clinical trial site monitoring, including site inspection, activation, maintenance and site close out visits. Creating relationships with the site staff and working on the same goal to ensure protocol compliance and patient safety is a rewarding experience.  On any given day, I’ll work on a variety of tasks from completing clinical trial study reports to monitoring study data; from developing training materials to answering site team member questions. My managers’ backgrounds allow them to share best practices and provide direction on overcoming common challenges.

Sharing my experience is even part of my job description. I assist with the training of new CRAs and new site team members on how to use our electronic data capture system. I also serve as a mentor to our CRA team, which I really enjoy. Serving as a reference point for questions and offering guidance when challenges present themselves is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

This breadth of knowledge isn’t limited to our clinical staff. Anytime I engage other teams at UBC, I’m met with knowledgeable people who are genuinely interested in helping.  This willingness to share breeds a team environment in which we all have the opportunity to further our own experience.

We’re looking for professional CRAs to join our experienced staff in the United States and abroad.
Clinical Research Associate, Kansas City, MO
Sr. Clinical Research Associate, Kansas City, MO
Lead Clinical Research Associate, Kansas City, MO
Clinical Research Associate, Netherlands

If your experience lies in a different area, you can see all of the open positions in the US using this link or click here to view our international opportunities.