Life at UBC: My Job Title Should be “Provider of Hope”

Life at UBC: My Job Title Should be “Provider of Hope”

Clark Kent posed as a mild mannered journalist, but we all know he was much more than that. When you see that my title is Senior Clinical Project Manager, you probably put me in the same category as Clark: a boring, suit-wearing professional. Based solely on appearances, you’d be right, but I like to think I have a little bit of super hero under my blazer.

Unlike Clark, the start to my story is rather humble. I launched my career as a contractor at B&B Clinical Innovations (BBCI) in October 2004. After UBC acquired BBCI, I signed on as a full-time employee within the data management department. My super hero didn’t start to show until I took my current role as a project manager for clinical trials. In this role I am the primary point of contact for our sponsors for the phase II and III clinical trials for which I am the assigned Project Manager, which means I get pulled in a lot of directions:

  • Launching clinical trials within company and client guidelines
  • Monitoring project progress
  • Resolving issues at study sites
  • Providing oversight of regulatory document collection and submission to ethics committees  and Independent Review Boards
  • Budgeting and forecasting (You would be jealous of my Excel capabilities.)

I do all this (and more) to help patients.

Recently, I received feedback from a study coordinator about a patient who had very few treatment options left.  Given a few months to live, he enrolled into one of the clinical trials I was working on.  Within two weeks of receiving treatment, his quality of life improved. It improved so much he was able to book travel over the holidays to see his family, and I was told that it was the first time he had seen his family in years. 

At the end of the day, I manage projects that provide patients with treatment options and hope.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this every day. So I don’t need the cape or the tights or the adoring fans – a laptop, a great bunch of co-workers and a happy, healthy patient will do.

We’re looking for outstanding candidates of all kinds to join our ranks. We currently have several openings for Project Managers:
Clinical Project Manager (Blue Bell, PA/Kansas City, MO)
Associate Project Research Managers (Blue Bell, PA/Kansas City, MO)
Senior Project Manager (London)

If your expertise is in a different area, you can see all of the open positions in the United States by searching “UBC” on the Express Scripts career site or check out our international opportunities here.