Life at UBC: Passion for Patient Education

Life at UBC: Passion for Patient Education

Like many other nurses, I began my career in a hospital. Before long, I realized I was not feeling fulfilled in this setting, and I asked myself what I was missing. The answer was I missed having the time to provide quality education to my patients because too often I had only enough time to address a patient’s immediate needs. This self-evaluation led me to my career at UBC and it has been a great opportunity to do what I love the most: provide education to patients so they can experience better health outcomes.

In my role as a Program Specialist at UBC, I provide nursing support for various pharmaceutical products. I teach patients about drug therapy expectations, how to decrease potential side effects and when to call their doctor. Patients are more likely to stay with a drug therapy if they are informed, and I enjoy being a part of this learning process. My number one goal is to empower patients with knowledge so they can make informed decisions for themselves.

Adherence to drug therapy is crucial to improved health outcomes. I am able to help identify and reduce potential barriers for patients. For example, I may ask a patient if they are planning any future travel. Since most of us are creatures of habit, it may be more difficult to stay on schedule with taking medication when our daily routine is changed. I collaborate with patients to develop a system that will work for them while they’re traveling so they are more likely to adhere to their therapy.

I especially enjoy working with these patients that are new to drug therapy. Dealing with a new diagnosis and starting a new medication can often be frightening  and overwhelming Educating patients about their disease process and giving them information from clinical trials often dispels their fears and gives them hope in the midst of a difficult time. Taking the time to really listen to my patients’ concerns, empathizing with them and discussing the information is what is most important.

My passion for education also extends to other facets of my job. I am constantly learning and expanding my knowledge, and I share that knowledge with my co-workers. I recently saw an opportunity to increase the quality of care we can provide to our patients. I developed and implemented job aids that combine all essential documents and make information easily accessible for our nurses. I am thankful for the opportunities I’m given to continue to grow in my profession.

If you’re working in a setting where you feel unfulfilled and unable to provide the kind of quality care your patients deserve, UBC may be the setting you’re looking for. The management is supportive, understanding, and they are truly invested in helping you continue to grow as a nurse. The job is challenging and extremely rewarding.

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