Life at UBC: Patient Success Stories Fuel My Passion to be a Nurse

Life at UBC: Patient Success Stories Fuel My Passion to be a Nurse

As a Nurse Clinician, I have the privilege of working closely with patients. I educate patients on their medication therapy and disease, inform them about services and tools available to help them manage their therapy, and answer any questions they have. This patient-centered focus is what drew me to UBC.

Once in a while, patients will share stories with me. I remember speaking with a gentleman in his 50s who had a lot of energy and excitement in his voice. He explained that he had been a truck driver his whole life but had to stop driving a few years ago because of his condition.  With his new medication, his symptoms were under control, and he was able to return to work.  He explained that he got his life back, and he was very happy to once again do the things he loved.

My team regularly shares patient success stories with each other. At a recent training event, three patients volunteered to share their stories. The one that touched my heart the most was from a man in his 30s with a young family. His condition affected his physical appearance and caused him a lot of pain.  He talked about not being able to do simple things around the house due to his painful and debilitating condition. He became very emotional as he described the toll his condition had taken on him, his wife and his young children, explaining that he hadn’t been able to play with his children in the same way he once did.

Then, he started therapy, and after one week he had significant improvement in his symptoms. His symptoms continued to improve, and he talked about a moment that was a turning point for him.  His child had a bike that needed to be put together, and in the past he would not have been able to do it.  Due to the improvement in his symptoms, he was able to assemble the bike. When he finished it, he explained how he felt by saying, “I felt like a man again.” It was a very touching moment and I don’t think there was a dry eye in our group.

It is a special experience when a patient feels connected and comfortable enough to share their struggles and successes. Many times patients have said to me, “Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.” These moments are highlights that make my day and reaffirm why I became a nurse.

We are looking for compassionate nurses to join our team and celebrate these success stories. Check out the nurse clinician openings along with other UBC jobs on the career page.

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