Life at UBC: Patients Breathe Easier With My Team’s Help

Life at UBC: Patients Breathe Easier With My Team’s Help

At UBC, I work in a program that helps patients breathe easier — literally. If at any time we can get medication to a patient one day sooner, that’s one more day they can breathe easier.

I am a program manager for the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) and Reimbursement Program of a product to treat pulmonary hypertension. A small population of patients is affected by this debilitating disease. These patients are very ill and in urgent need of specialty medication.

After receiving Food and Drug Administration in 2014, we launched an integrated service model that involves UBC, CuraScript Specialty Distribution and Accredo Specialty Pharmacy teams. In this model, we manage multiple system applications that support one product. Our services include the UBC coordinating center, nurse coordination, a Patient Assistance Program, product fulfillment through Accredo and wholesale fulfillment through CuraScript SD.

When a patient is prescribed this medication, the doctor sends a referral to the Reimbursement Hub. My team serves as the liaison among doctors, patients and insurance companies as we help patients navigate through the coverage process. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition from enrollment through shipment of the medication.

The Reimbursement team members are assigned to designated regions, providing a single point of contact for every enrolled patient and facility within the region. This allows my team to build a rapport with patients, prescribers and the manufacturer’s sales force.

This amazing team is a major reason I love my job. My direct reports come to work every day with the same goal in mind. Everyone on the team goes above and beyond to help a patient receive medication. The patients are very grateful for this medication and have expressed how it has improved their quality of life. They are the reason my team remains passionate and committed to service.

UBC is more than a job to me; this career is both fulfilling and rewarding.  It is wonderful to be a part of a growing team and assist in developing the program to fit the vision of our client and the needs of the patients. It is gratifying to be a Program Manager for a program that helps patients to breathe easier.

If you’re interested in joining our patient-centric team, you can search and apply for open positions here.