Life at UBC: Sometimes the Grass is Greener

Life at UBC: Sometimes the Grass is Greener

Have you ever been in a job that was stressful thanks to unorganized management? I’ve been there. It’s a drag.

In my former role as a nurse in a GI clinic, I had no guidance and felt I was being asked to do things outside my experience level. One day I decided to look online for any openings that would be a better fit for me. I found a job posting for UBC. When I was selected for an interview, I explained the position I was in with my current employment. The hiring managers empathized with my situation and explained that the UBC nursing position would offer me the things I was missing in my current role. I was, of course, excited to accept the job offer.

In my role as a Nurse Clinician I still get to have a meaningful impact on patients. I help train patients starting therapy for chronic immune medicated conditions and provide ongoing telephonic assistance to patients enrolled in our program. I’m also a resource for healthcare providers and pharmacists who have questions about the medication I support.

My focus on helping patients has stayed the same, but the work atmosphere is like night and day. The supportive environment that was evident from my interview has continued throughout my employment. My managers are flexible with my schedule. They also provide constructive feedback and encourage discussions. I was recently selected to join a small group of nurses in a pilot project, which could change the way our team operates. The open dialogue with our managers has set this project up for success.

The resources provided by UBC and our management team have really allowed me to grow as a nurse. I’m encouraged to keep learning, which allows me to be the best nurse I can to my patients.

You’ve heard the adage “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”? Well, sometimes it is. If you’re looking for a supportive work environment that allows you to continue to care for patients, visit our careers page to see the open positions throughout UBC.

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