Life at UBC: A Twist of Fate Led Me to an International Career

Life at UBC: A Twist of Fate Led Me to an International Career

A fortunate coincidence led me to UBC. I was about to leave for vacation, when my wife’s father was hospitalized for a knee injury. My departure was cancelled, and the next day I received a call from a recruiting agency that put me in contact with UBC. At the time, I was seeking a work experience that would take me outside of Italy and was interested in a change from my work as an ophthalmologist. A few days later, I was invited to Geneva for a face-to-face interview and by the time my father-in-law recovered from surgery I had accepted the UBC job offer.

In my search, I was offered various positions at different companies, but UBC stood out as the most promising choice. The size (not as big as a pharmaceutical manufacturer and not too small) appealed to me.  In addition, I recognized an ambitious leadership team focused on growth, and the company’s international exposure drew me in.

UBC has not disappointed.

My role as a Safety Physician and European Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (EU-QPPV) is incredibly diverse. I oversee our EU pharmacovigilance systems, which requires a sharp eye for detail while still keeping the big picture in mind. The job changes daily and requires me to remain flexible and versatile, adapting to every situation and the needs of each client. I’m never bored.

The environment at UBC is very vibrant. The leadership continues to grow the company. Here, managers treat employees as peers and are ready to recognize achievements and provide constructive criticism focused on helping employees improve skills and reach career goals. I consider myself a lucky guy: I live in London, a place that I truly love, and I have the privilege to work with people throughout the globe who are highly skilled, hardworking and friendly.

UBC is the international, multicultural company I was looking for. I found it through a twist of fate, but you don’t have to. We’re searching for several physicians to join our team:
Safety Physician (QPPV) (London. England)
Safety Physician (Geneva, Switzerland)
Project Physician (Blue Bell, PA)
Safety Physician – Oncology (Blue Bell, PA)

You can see all of the European open positions here or explore openings in the United States by searching “UBC” on the Express Scripts career site.