Looking Ahead to DIA Europe 2014

Looking Ahead to DIA Europe 2014

As frigid temperatures have taken hold of us in recent months, we can’t help but look forward to what’s ahead. Springtime will hopefully bring with it warmer weather, as well as a new quarter of engaging and informative conferences.

The annual DIA Europe Conference is our biggest European event and will bring together more than 3,000 professionals from more than 50 countries. With all that is changing in the European regulatory environments, collaborations of this kind are extremely important. We are excited to bring our thought leaders into the mix. In addition to exhibiting, we will also be participating in the Poster Programme. Abstract presentations include:

Soumick Sikdar, PhD, to present: The current challenges in dealing with adverse event reports from social media

Social media is an ever-increasing method of communication for today’s consumers. As more patients take to Twitter and Facebook to share complaints and perceived side effects of treatments, the possibility to collect this evidence for pharmacovigilance purposes increases. UBC experts studied the validity of adverse event reports in social media. The scientists used FDA guidelines to review consumers’ perceptions and the validity of the AEs reported.


Nour Zibian, PharmD, to present: A signal management adaptive model

Developing signal management models for various stakeholders and products can become rigorous. A need was identified for a signal management model that could adapt to the needs of various stakeholders and products. In response, an algorithmic approach was developed and tested using real examples.

We invite you to speak with the authors at their abstract presentations, as well as visit our booth, # N° Y.619.