Making Rare Diseases Voices Heard

Making Rare Diseases Voices Heard

Today, rare-disease communities around the world are coming together to raise awareness for the roughly 7,000 different types of rare diseases and disorders1. Shazia Ahmad, our Patient and Physician Services (PPS) rare-disease expert, will be attending Rare Disease Day at NIH to celebrate this year’s theme, “Patient Voice.”

This theme recognizes the unique challenges, concerns, and questions rare-disease patients encounter during their therapeutic journeys. By helping our pharma partners better anticipate the needs of rare-disease patients; UBC ensures that their voices are being heard. Here is a look at some of the most pressing questions rare-disease patients face during their therapeutic journeys.

UBC is proud to partner with orphan-drug manufacturers to help ensure these life-changing therapies are not only brought to market successfully, but that they also perform optimally. We offer our partners big solutions and services that span the entre journey of an orphan product’s lifecycle — from development through commercialization. Our solutions help you answer your rare-disease patients’ most pressing questions.

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1The Global Genes Project, “Rare Diseases: Facts and Statistics”