New Commercial Operations Lead Brings Passion for Patients and Processes

Nicole Hebbert brings 20+ years of experience to UBC's drug commercialization services.

New Commercial Operations Lead Brings Passion for Patients and Processes

As a premium partner in pharmaceutical services, UBC is focused on helping our clients ensure the safe and appropriate use of medical therapies and devices. We strive to provide our clients the best services possible to help products through clinical and late stage development and into commercialization. We recognize that the services surrounding your product are critical to patient and prescriber access and loyalty.

Nicole Hebbert, UBC’s newly-appointed Vice President of Commercial Services Operations, has the experience to lead large-scale operations teams while focusing on the customized details of each program. Nicole brings to her role 20-plus years of specialty and pharma experience.  She has served as Vice President, Pharmacy Operations at Priority Health, an Express Scripts acquisition, and was most recently engaged with Accredo/CuraScript specialty operations.

Nicole oversees three licensed pharmacies and is responsible for customer service, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS) administration, reimbursement services, clinical support, and site-of-care nursing services.

Understanding that clients want a clear line of sight into program data and metrics, Nicole utilizes her expertise to ensure transparency and service excellence.

Our clients look for the right operations teams to provide high quality support services and patient care in a consistent manner. Nicole takes that charge to heart, inspiring teams to recognize that at the end of every fax, phone call or letter is a patient needing therapy. 

Are you looking for service teams led by an experienced operations professional?  Contact us to discuss how UBC’s support services can differentiate your product in the marketplace.